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Who is Blur Lifestyle Branding for?

Blur Lifestyle Branding is for small business owners, realtors, and entrepreneurs who are looking to stand out and grow a larger following on social media, curate a branded identity that showcases their unique strengths and traits, and wish to position themselves as thought leaders in their particular industry.



Why Choose Blur?

With our particular fusion of lifestyle photography/videography and social media management, we are able to help you create and grow a truly unique brand that you can be proud of, and showcases the things that make YOU and your brand special.

+ Brand consulting & strategy.

+ Comprehensive social media planning, management, & posting.

+ Cultivate a loyal brand following

+ In-store, on location, event, & product photography.

+ Cross-promotion and network outreach with vendors for Social Media.

+ Industry specific content curation & web copy writing.

+ Affordable web design.

+ Take advantage of the opportunity to connect and network with other Blur Lifestylers in your area.

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Build Community, Brand Awareness, And Your Larger Following With Blur!

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